Wickerham & Lomax are a Baltimore based duo, joining Daniel Wickerham and Malcolm Lomax who became acquainted in their final year at MICA. They graduated in 2009, with degrees in painting, and began collaborating under the name duox, producing multi-media work processing virtual and environmental spaces. The artists collaborate with distinct styles, and respectively delineated each work in their show at von ammon co., Domestic QT and The Spatial Anomalies. Wickerham splatters his subjects, cutting-off his compositions against arbitrary boundaries, while Lomax eases his subjects with a noticeable structure. Digital softwares congregate any disconnected elements thwarting subsets of an entangled space. 


Since 2009, their work has complexified an exploration of accessibility and space. Through their developing work, the overwhelmed view of a single protagonist has dissolved into swarms of perspectives connecting at one point of cultural unanimity. A novel glossary accompanied Domestic QT and The Spatial Anomalies, that subjectively defines examples of motifs circumscribing the epistemological bias of a communal reality; always seen but erratically intangible. Wickerham & Lomax solidify space and warp entry points; Wickerham refers to this synthesizing practice as “social cubism.” 


BOY’Dega is an online anecdote started by Wickerham & Lomax in 2014, that locks stylized characters within a voyeuristic paradigm of interfacing data collection regurgitated into self-propelling stories. Characters like Abdu Ali Eaton and Kentrell Searles conjoin warped busts and hoards of littering pigeons. One clicks aimlessly through graphic cross-references, absorbing jaded imagery with indulged curiosity, and managing an unfamiliar confusion within a hallway assuming congruent elaborations. 


Collaboration centers their practice and manifests in hexagonal frames and friendship bracelets. Using softwares like Blender through which users can share rendered objects, Wickerham & Lomax layer several files to achieve dense, maximalist digital paintings. A sincere sentimentality soaks their work, as they engage their community and cultivate an intimacy of private language. With Domestic QT and The Spatial Anomalies, an index translates enduring, time-stamped symbols that introduce preceding spaces of dialogue. Through communication, one can access expired spaces, and contextualize the present.

Installation from Domestic QT and The Spatial Anomalies at von ammon co. 2020

Installation from Wickerham & Lomax: Selection at Gillespie Gallery of Art, George Mason University 2019

Installation from Indelible Marks at American Medium, New York 2018

Installation from Local Atonement: A Nutshell Study of Unexplained Death at American Medium, Brooklyn 2016

von ammon co | 3330 cady's alley nw | washington dc | info@vonammon.co