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kristin reger

27 january - 22 february 2019

von ammon co

8 spruce street unit 46F

new york, ny 38

reception 27 january, 12-6pm

von ammon co is pleased to announce an exhibition of new ceramic works by Kristin Reger.


Strewn across furniture, appliances and shelves are several dozen small porcelain objects. Reger eschews more traditional modes of display, preferring to allow her objects to “infest” a given space. The object is borne of a protean molding technique—a hunk of soft earth trained to take the shape of a nylon stocking, or stretched like taffy to the point of rupture. Multiple applications of experimental glazes manifest as ashy skin, hematoma,  necrosis. The objects are small enough to hold in one’s hand or contain in one’s body. Like innards, bones or feces, they are objects with an agency which evades the human touch and whose likenesses are typically unseen. While following the rudiments of ceramic tradition, the artist distances herself from the object’s making, allowing the object to grow like human tissue. The shape of each object asserts its sharp distinction from the next, as the liver distinguishes itself from the lung in both form and function. Reger’s exhibition alludes to the body, and the contingency of each part to the overall function of the whole. The objects are active as they yearn to commune with one another.


Kristin Reger (American, born 1986) lives and works in Mexico City. This is the artist’s second solo show in New York. Reger has exhibited in galleries internationally. The works in the exhibition were made in Mexico City and Berlin.

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