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100 Sculptures

September 21 – November 3, 2018
Opening: September 21, 7-10 pm


100 Sculptures is as advertised: one hundred small sculptural artworks by one hundred
different artists.

A typical curated exhibition is hierarchical. The curator uses various sorting mechanisms to assemble a purpose-driven assemblage of related objects. The group exhibition is a controlled experiment wherein specific objects are chosen and mixed to generate a novel end product, or emergent properties.

100 Sculptures, by contrast, is a meshwork. Using a 10 x 10 grid as the most simple schema for an extremely populous show, the objective is to create the most dynamic non-hierarchical system that is possible within the limited confines of a gallery space. By flattening the exhibition plane to one pedestal, the one hundred objects on view have the ability to interact with and decode one another freely. The exhibition begins to act like a circuit board, wherein each artwork behaves like an attractor in a network.

Through the use of media including casts, clothing, ceramic, found object, paper, bronze, concrete, aluminum, and many others, the works on view appear as plush, metallic, functional, mobile, automated, geometric, sensual, rhythmic, or even biologically subversive. Meanwhile the works conceptually range from spiritual and optimistic to dark, disarming, and uncanny. Each piece, despite its diminutive scale of no more than a 5x5 inch (12.7 x 12.7 cm) footprint, maintains its own singularity and pathos as displayed on one unified plane amongst many other similarly sized objects.


Sculpture, so prone to being pigeonholed as a conservative and hackneyed medium relative to
new media, video and technology, is shown here at its maximum degree of variety and
difference. Devoid of curatorial affect, the works on view assemble their own mutual logics and

In celebration of ten years, the gallery was resolved to prepare a comprehensive exhibition fusing its ethos of past, present and future. Todd von Ammon assuredly presented the idea and Joseph affirmed the call to action. The artists exhibiting represent a majority of those with whom the curators have collaborated over the last decade. While no aesthetic parameters were given in anticipation of the show, one can detect (or assume) the mutual affinities between individual artists in this large, unorganized grouping. In this sense, 100 Sculptures can also be seen as two neural networks blended into one simple, deadpan grid. The gallery intends to travel the exhibition internationally for approximately 1 year following the premiere at anonymous gallery’s home in Mexico City. Further locations and dates will be announced.


Justin Adian, Alejandro Almanza, Cory Arcangel, Donald Baechler, Alan Belcher, Benjamin Bertocci,
Lizzi Bougatsos, Cristine Brache, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Ernesto Caivano, Christian Camacho, Borden
Capalino, Mikkel Carl, Remy Cherry, Madeleine Cichy, Sarah Conaway, Paloma Contreras Lomas,
Sterling Crispin, Chelsea Culprit, James Crosby, Veronique D'Entremont, Carl D’Alvia, N.Dash Dash, Lila de Magalhaes, Débora Delmar, Vincent Dermody, Chris Dorland, Nick Doyle, Casey Jane Ellison, Ryan Estep, Leo Fitzpatrick, Gerasimos Floratos, Ryan Foerster, Erik Foss, Erik Frydenborg, Nikita Gale, ektor garcia, Sebastian Gladstone, Martha Grover, Trulee Hall, Elias Hansen, Dan Herschlein, Stephanie Hier, Max Hooper Schneider, Matt Hoyt, Serban Ionescu, Robert Janitz, Matt Johnson, Ray Johnson, JPW3, Jacob Kassay, Sanam Khatibi, Leelee Kimmel, Elisabeth Kley, Ross Knight, Nik Kosmas, Bradley Kronz, Shaun Krupa, Ajay Kurian, Helmut Lang, Lazaros, Margaret Lee, Kris Lemsalu, Hannah Levy, Hanna Liden, Erik Lindman, Brendan Lynch, Nevine Mahmoud, Larry Mantello, Chavis Marmol, Yuri Masnyj, Eva and Franco Mattes, Lindsey Mendick, Donald Moffett, Hugo Montoya, Emily Mullin, Kubiat Nnamdie, Katja Novitskova, Dominic Nurre, Edgar Orlaineta, Frida Orupabo, Kristin Reger, Carlos Reyes, Jackie Rines, Tabor Robak, Brian Rochefort, Ry Rocklen, Michael Ross, Amanda Ross-Ho, Rachel Rossin, Marco Rountree, Lauren Satlowski, Davina Semo, Paul Sepuya, Kostas Seremetis, Shelter Serra, Gibb Slife, Josh Smith, Agathe Snow, Naoki Sutter-Shudo, Tarwuk, Josh Tonsfeldt, Mark Verabioff, Lucia Vidales, Marianne Vitale, Todd von Ammon, Julia Wachtel, Darryl Westly, Michael Wetzel, Wendy White, Lizzie Wright, Thaddeus Wolfe and others.

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